The Strong Collection

Welcome to The Strong Collection! This space is dedicated to inspiring an enduring love of art in children by filling their homes with creativity – from the art that hangs on their walls and the illustrations in their books, to the artistic presentation of food and all the wonderful mess they make doing arts and crafts. 

Art  was something I loved deeply as a child but sadly became a smaller and smaller part of my life as I grew up. After 10+ years in the corporate rat race, art became but a distant memory, save for the odd trip to a gallery or impulse art auction purchase. Then came kids – two beautiful daughters who have reignited my interest in art and all things creative and fun for them. Amongst all our backyard painting and rainy day crafts, we came to joke about their mini masterpieces belonging in some fanciful gallery space and becoming well known as “The Strong Collection”.

So, here it is – our collection of arty ideas, experiences, and inspiration and a catalogue of our art journey together. You will find our favourite ideas for fun art projects as well as our favourite artists and inspiration for kids spaces, and anything else that might help inspire a love of art in your little Picassos.

I hope you enjoy!


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