Finger painting fun

For a kid that frequently requests to wash her hands (and her “sweaty feet”!) and flips out at the tiniest speck of dirt on her clothes, I wasn’t sure if finger painting would be a treat or a nightmare. Luckily, her first experience was a happy one.

Setting up outside and wearing a smock were the only precautionary measures we took to avoid a mess. And with washable, non-toxic finger paint, that’s all that’s really needed. We kept it simple and just worked on paper at Miss M’s little table but you could also set up an easel, paint on a glass window, or use a plastic tray (e.g. old container lids or serving platters). The plastic tray is a good one for making patterns in the paint and then placing a piece of paper on top to create a print.

The finger paint we used was particularly thick and gooey – perfect consistency for creating tiny handprints, squelching through chubby fingers, and blending colours with minimal spillage. Finger painting is certainly an activity that ticks a lot of boxes, as it:

  • is a sensory experience for toddlers,
  • promotes development of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills,
  • helps with learning primary and secondary colours,
  • focuses on the process and experimentation rather than the end result,
  • produces vibrant, colourful masterpieces to be proud of with minimal fuss, effort, or time, but most importantly
  • is a lot of fun for little Picassos!




Next time we’ll explore more creative designs using finger paint. Until then…


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