Rock on, ladybug

Today’s afternoon activity: painting ladybugs on rocks!

We have had so many trips to the beach this summer and never seem to come home empty handed. So, we decided to do something with our growing collection of beach stones by turning a few of them into little ladybugs for the garden. 

Ladybugs have always been popular at our place but the inspiration came from all the books we’ve been reading about fairies lately. And, of course, fairies live in pretty flowery gardens with the butterflies, pixies, and their ladybug friends. In an attempt to entice local fairies to our garden, we needed brightly coloured ladybug rocks. (Also, spotted ladybugs are an easier design than pixies or butterflies!)

All you need is acrylic paints, brushes, and a few pairs of googly eyes (and glue if they’re not stick-on eyes). Easy!


While my daughter and I were painting and discussing all things fairy garden related, it became clear that the fairies would need a little house if they decided to visit…

So, that’s the next project – stay tuned!



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