Fit for a fairy


Inspired by yesterday’s hand-painted ladybug rocks activity, we now also have a little place for all the visiting fairies to rest their wings, mingle and have a spot of fairy tea! As much as I have tried not to encourage extreme girly girl obsessions, when it comes to fairies and magical woodlands, I don’t mind indulging the imagination just a little. 


What we used:

  • A miniature unfinished wooden birdhouse (I got the Francheville Triangle Birdhouse for $4.99 from Spotlight)
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint – we used DecoArt Americana multi-surface acrylic paint in Pink Cadillac and White, also from Spotlight. This paint is interior/exterior, water-based, has a satin finish and is self-sealing, so no need for primer or varnish. You can also use liquid watercolours, which stain wood really nicely.
  • Masking tape (for clean edges and for painting stripes, as we did on the roof)
  • Embellishments of your choice – we just went with a couple of heart-shaped gel stickers but you could add some bling with adhesive rhinestones and glitter, or more “established artists” (i.e. older children) could add some decorative stencilling.


I was surprised how seriously my little fairy princess wannabe took this project – she’s often more “carefree” in her style when she’s just given a piece of paper to paint on. Give the girl a wooden birdhouse and she is a different person! Her technique was delicate, controlled and yielded surprisingly impressive results – I hardly had to help at all.

The fairy house dried in the sun during afternoon nap time and just before she woke up, I put one of those jewellery box fairy ballerinas on the roof of her house… The smile on her face when we went outside to see if a fairy had come to visit was priceless; something I will never forget!


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