Run, run, as fast as you can…

…you can’t catch me, i’m the (cardboard) gingerbread man!

I feel a bit silly posting about today’s little craft activity, as it really belongs on a blog titled “The lazy mum’s answer to ridiculous toddler requests”. Also, it could be considered more of a trigger for imaginative play, rather than art and craft. Nevertheless, we made a cardboard gingerbread man and a little house for him, and it turned out to provide hours of entertainment. So, here is how it went… 

Baking and helping in the kitchen is one of my daughter’s favourite things to do. Every meal, every snack, “Mama, I bring a chair? I get my apron?” Today, she suggested we make gingerbread men (Christmas still very much a hot topic). But it was hot and, although I often do indulge her, I just didn’t feel like putting the oven on this morning. So I suggested we make a pretend gingerbread man on the kitchen table instead. Close enough, right?


  1. Use a pencil to trace a gingerbread man onto cardboard and cut him out.
  2. Glue on googly eyes, a red felt mouth, and buttons (you could also paint these on or use a Sharpie pen).
  3. Paint white squiggly lines at the ends of the arms and legs.
  4. We added a scarf around his neck, using white ribbon, which I glued into place.


For the house, I simply turned a cardboard box on it’s side, bent another rectangular piece of cardboard into a roof and stuck it on, then glued on some red paper. We added stepping stones and picked a few daisies for the garden, but apparently it looked more like a “stage” and was being used for the gingerbread man to perform a concert. So I added some fabric curtains by glueing fabric scraps to the roof and tying them to the sides with ribbon.

The resulting stage/house is certainly not going to win any craft awards (!!) but it did save us from having to bake on a sticky hot day and it amused her without having a crazy toddler high on sugar for the rest of the day.




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