We built this city

Since I introduced glue to my little crafter, there seems to be no going back. She loves the stuff! Sticky tape is equally exciting and between the two, absolutely anything is possible!

Image via Pinterest

I’m hoping the fascination fades, as I have so many art projects I am keen to explore. But for now, cutting and pasting it is. Today we kept it simple and built a sweet little collage city, focusing on shapes, colours, and a little architectural design instruction! When picking the background paper for our city, we couldn’t decide between black or blue. So, we used both! An easy way to explore day versus night. 

What we used:

  • Paint sample chips
  • Coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue






  1. If your little one is old enough to use scissors, get them to cut out lots of shapes in different colours. If not, spend a bit of time preparing the shapes and then lay them out ready to design and construct your city!  We used a combination of paper and paint sample chips, but you could also use felt or thicker card for more texture. Make sure you have: large rectangles (tall buildings), large squares (houses), triangles (roofs), smaller squares (windows), smaller rectangles (doors), cloud shapes (trees), long skinny rectangles (tree trunks), yellow circle (sun), and stars and a crescent, if you’re going for a city by starlight scene.
  2. Construct each building using the paper shapes and then design your city scene. Once you’re happy with it, glue it all down to the background paper. That’s it!
Sisters analysing the finished product.
Collage city by night. Collage city by day.


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