Black button burlap balloon

I’ve been accumulating spare buttons for years, and am ashamed to admit that they are almost ALL BLACK! I guess what they say about Melbournians and their monochromatic wardrobes is true.

On a brighter note, my clothes are far more colourful now, so as a sort of symbolic farewell to all the black & grey business attire, my little collage extraordinaire and I put together this mixed media piece, which we’ve titled “Black button and burlap balloon”. 


What we used:

  • Black buttons
  • Small piece of burlap, cut into the shape of a hot air balloon basket
  • Red and black paper, cut into a circular ballon shape and basket shape
  • Red polka dot ribbon, to add as a decorative trim to the basket
  • Yellow raffia, split into thinner pieces
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Kaisercraft printed scrapbook paper, 30.5 x 30.5cm 150 gsm 

How to create this piece:

Once you’ve cut out the balloon and basket shapes and prepared the ribbon, burlap, raffia and any other embellishments for your hot air balloon, you simply need to glue the pieces together on some background paper. We were lucky enough to find scrapbook paper printed with fluffy white clouds but you could also just use blue or grey paper and add cloud shapes from white paper. Using a mix of different materials and textures is great fun for toddlers and adds some interest to both the exercise and the artwork.

Black button burlap balloon_the strong collection
Black button and burlap balloon, mixed media on paper, 30x30cm

Hopefully from now on our button collection will be far more rainbow-inspired!


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