Easter crafts

There are just three weeks until Easter and only a week left of March – how EGGciting! Time to get CRACKING with your Easter crafts. Below are a few of the activities we’ve done so far this season but for more inspiration, HOP on over to the Pinterest board I have set up – you’ll find loads more EGGcellent Easter craft ideas for kids. 

Promise no more EGGcrutiating Easter puns from now on…

Egg carton Easter friends

It is no secret that I love a good egg carton craft – there are just so many creative ways of using each part of the carton! Thank goodness we all enjoy our eggs. Both our Easter bunny and our little chick were made from the egg cup part of the carton. The bunny is particularly easy, as he is already the perfect colour, so just requires some ears and facial features. The chick looks best with some little wings, a felt beak, and feet. The feather on it’s head is a little unconventional, but we thought we’d give him a funky hairdo.

Plywood egg decorations

Decorative eggs at Easter are really just like baubles at Christmas – a must have. While we don’t intend on setting up an Easter tree and filling the cupboards with more seasonal decorating paraphernalia, they do make for a fun craft activity. I just happened to find these plywood printed eggs but you could use cut outs from paper plates, card, paper, egg cartons, and just about anything that can be cut and drawn or painted on. We started off colouring inside the lines with exceptional accuracy but a toddler’s patience has its limits, so you can see below that the colouring on one of our eggs is a little more fluid and carefree than the other!

Polystyrene ball bunny

Your crafting options are endless when it comes to polystyrene/styrofoam balls – for other ideas and detailed instructions on how to make this bunny, check out my previous post ‘Foam a friend‘. I have also set up this Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Most craft stalls also sell egg-shaped polystyrene balls – these make a great base for painting in pretty pastel hues or decorating with ribbon and glitter. Hang them from branches in a vase for a timeless “Easter tree” or attach them to a long piece of string or ribbon to make a decorative Easter garland.

Easter tree
Image source: Pinterest

Cork and pom-pom stamping

Here is a way to use all those wine bottle corks that you may have left over after the Easter holidays! We love finding alternative painting implements – from potatoes and sponges to string and straws, the list of possible tools is extensive. An easy one to try for young kids is stamping using a bottle cork or a pom-pom. While we made our bunnies with the cork, pom-poms would’ve been better, as they give a really cute fluffy effect.

Happy Easter crafting! And remember, Easter is the only time of the year when it is safe to put all your eggs in one basket.



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