Cat’s got your tissue

Pairing crafts with books is one of our favourite things to do; there is something very special about bringing our most loved characters to life through art.

Earlier this week, we found one of our old “baby books”, Purr, which is a sweet introduction to animal sounds by Australian author and illustrator, Alison Lester. While we have moved onto more advanced books now, finding it brought back such nice memories of our early toddler reading days that we were inspired to get our crazy cat lady on and turn something into a puurrrrfect little pet cat (we sure ain’t getting a real one anytime soon!) 

A drab looking box of tissues caught our eye and the rest, as they say, is history.

What we used:

  • Tissue box
  • Yellow crepe paper
  • Orange and black paper
  • Pink felt, for nose
  • Black Sharpie or marker pen
  • Glue
  • Scissors

The Strong Collection_Cat Tissue Box2The Strong Collection_Cat Tissue Box1The Strong Collection_Cat Tissue Box3Tissue Box Cat_The Strong Collection

Steps: Once we had cut a hole in the yellow crepe paper for the tissues, we spread glue all over the box and stuck the paper down on all sides. We then cut the cat’s head out of orange paper, along with a pile of triangular tabby cat stripes and glued them all in place. We were going to use googly eyes on the cat’s face but, as my stickler of an assistant pointed out, the cat in the book is asleep! So we used a Sharpie pen instead to draw his sleepy eyes and content smile. Finally, we glued down a small pink felt triangle for his nose and a few thin strips of black paper as whiskers.

It’s fair to say that this poor tired kitty isn’t going to get much sleep in our house – his owner thinks it is too funny to disturb him from his slumber and request a tissue! It has been fascinating to witness the laughs that this simple project has brought.

Our lounging tabby was selected as one of the favourites in this week’s @kidartlit CATS challenge, a fun invitation to create art or craft projects inspired by books. For those on Instagram, their feed is full of creative ideas and worth a follow!

For more creative ideas that use tissue boxes, check out this Pinterest board I have set up.


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