Baskets and buns

We’re all set for the Easter Bunny’s arrival – are you?!

This week we enjoyed some obligatory DIY Easter basket crafting, using a paper plate as our base. While we have an extraordinarily large collection of handbags, baskets, trollies, carts, and buckets, there’s something special about making your own Easter basket. This craft is very easy and can be adapted for different ages and skill levels. Older crafters can exercise their fine motor skills by threading the ribbon and cutting with scissors, while toddlers can focus on decorating with paint and stickers. 

Here is what we used for our easter basket: 

  • Paper plate, folded in half
  • Ribbon
  • Paint brush and paints – a couple of pastel colours works nicely
  • Two fake daisies
  • Flower stickers
  • Patterned washi tape






  1. Fold the paper plate in half and make small holes a couple of centimetres apart around the curved edge.
  2. Thread the ribbon through the holes and tie the ends together to form a handle.
  3. Cut across the straight edge of the basket in a zig-zag pattern that resembles a hatched egg.
  4. Decorate your egg basket – we used pastel pink and yellow paint, some spotted green washi tape, two fake daisies and flower stickers.


Given we’re still a week away from filling this basket with eggs, we thought we’d pop a little chick in there for the time being. Just glue a pair of googly eyes on a yellow pom-pom and add a red felt beak and feet. Cheep cheep!

Hot cross buns

It is safe to say we’ve eaten more than a few hot cross buns this year! I blame it on how  soon after Christmas the supermarkets start selling them. They have even become part of our pretend tea parties! We’ll have serious health issues if we keep consuming real buns with every tea party, so we decided to make some fake ones!

What we used: 

  • Brown wrapping paper (or brown paper bags)
  • Sticky tape
  • White and dark brown paint
  • Paint brush

We had so much fun pretending to knead the dough (scrunching up scrap paper), shaping the buns (wrapping them in brown paper), adding dried fruit and a cross (painting on a white cross and some brown dots) and baking them in the oven (leaving to dry). These make the perfect calorie-free addition to any picnic or tea party!




Let’s not forget about the Easter Bunny and how hungry he must get at this time of year! We thought we’d make him a nice crunchy carrot while we were at it. Just pinch the ends of a cardboard tube, as shown below, and tape them together. Then add some green paper leaves on one end and cover the carrot with orange tissue paper.




For more Easter projects, check out this Pinterest board. And to see some of the other crafts we’ve tried this season, take a look at our Easter crafts post here.

Wishing you a very happy Easter!


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