Put your own stamp on it

We were recently given a little rubber stamp and a challenge to create some artwork with it. When the rubber stamp mysteriously went missing, the challenge became a little trickier! However, “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations,” so we decided to try our hand at making our own unique stamps and see what we could create with them. 


Once we put our minds to it, we found an extraordinary number of materials and objects around the house that could be used to make stamp art. From potatoes to cleaning sponges to pom-poms, pretty much anything with an interesting shape and/or texture  became a stamp this weekend!

Here are some of our favourite DIY stamp creations:

Potato raindrop stamp

Take a plain old potato and carve out any shape – we chose a raindrop because it has been raining most of the weekend. Other veggies that work well are celery sticks (ideal for fish scales), capsicums (some are a perfect shamrock shape), and apples (can be used to make butterfly prints). If it is a little hard to imagine how good these fruit and veg stamps can look, check out my DIY stamps Pinterest board.


Craft foam & pom-pom flower stamps

Craft foam shapes are readily available and are a lot cheaper than rubber stamps! You can also get craft foam sheets that you can cut into any shape you want. Just glue the foam onto a cork, a peg, a wooden block, or any other make-shift handle and you’ve got yourself a stamp. We made flower petals using a craft foam flower glued to a wine cork, and a pom-pom stamp for the centres, which we held with a wooden peg. Then we used the side of the peg to make the flower stems.


Sponge flower stamps

Simple dishwashing sponges are great for soaking up paint and give a really nice effect. We cut ours into the shape of a flower petal and used a pom-pom stamp for the flower centres. Again, we used the side of a peg to add green stems and leaves.


Cardboard tube stamps 

Cardboard tubes obviously make perfect circle stamps but can also be bent into other shapes, like love hearts.


Wine cork bunnies 

Never throw out your wine corks! There are useful for so many crafts, stamping being just one of them.


Pom-poms were a clear favourite stamping tool so we surrounded our bunnies with pom-pom polka dot stamps!


We’re newbies at at this DIY stamping business so these ideas are pretty foolproof. For more advanced ways to make your own stamps, check out some of these clever ways to “put your own stamp on” it 😉:


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