Easter wreath

A few days ago, we tried our hand at splatter painting to create a speckled effect on some Easter eggs we cut from paper. We had a lot of fun channelling our inner Jackson Pollock, although we went for a more subtle (and cleaner) approach. Using watercolours, we simply wet our brushes with paint, then ran our fingers along the bristles so that the paint flicked onto the eggs. It took us a little while to master the technique so we ended up a little speckled ourselves, but that was half the fun. 

Once the eggs had dried, we threaded them onto some string to make an Easter bunting. We love this sort of “process art”, especially if it can be enjoyed outside where more mess can be made.

We later decided that the bunting would make the perfect addition to our Easter flower wreath! Using a plain old white cane wreath as our base, we poked in a bunch of fake tulips and a handful of miniature fluffy Easter chicks. To finish it off, we wound around the Easter egg bunting we’d made. That was all there was to it!  It was a really nice way to spend this cold, rainy Good Friday. I think we might make wreath decorating a new Easter tradition for our family.

Wishing you a healthy, happy and holy Easter!


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