Falling for Autumn

Seasonal art and craft is such a fun way to learn about weather patterns, explore the outdoors and use new and different materials. From handcrafted flower bouquets in spring to snowflake cutouts in winter, each change in season inspires new ideas.

With Autumn now well and truly here, we’ve been having a lot of fun collecting fallen leaves in all those beautiful Autumn hues.  Here is some of the Autumn-inspired crafting we’ve been up to so far this season. But the leaves are only just starting to fall so plenty more to come! 

Leaf creatures




Paper plate owl


This paper plate owl is one of my favourite crafts because we put him together out of materials that were all headed towards the bin – a used paper plate, a spare scrunched up cupcake liner, milk bottle caps, and tissue paper that had been used for our St Paddy’s Day leprechaun mask, which had seen better days. The below photos step through the process of how he came together.






Leaf printing

For more Autumn-inspired art and craft ideas, check out what I found on Pinterest:


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