Edible food art

When you love food and you love art, it doesn’t get much better than creating artful meals and having a cheeky nibble along the way. Finding inventive ways to present healthy meals and snacks can also help with encouraging a fussy eater to expand their palate.

Fortunately, I do not have particularly fussy eaters – quite the opposite! But it is still fun to inject some creativity into meal times. I thought i’d share some examples of my recent (amateur) attempts at sandwich art, but I will also share ideas from two outstanding professional food artists. Prepare to be blown away by what some lucky kids are being presented with!

My book-inspired characters

Food artistry at its best

I first came across the idea of fun food presentation when a friend introduced me to the culinary artworks of fellow Melbournian, Laleh Mohmedi of Jacob’s Food Diaries. This creative mum started sharing her son’s meal designs in June 2015 and within weeks her Instagram account had gone viral. It is not hard to see why – the characters she plates up are incredibly close to the real deal, and yet she mainly uses natural produce and is all about avoiding sugar, salt and anything nasty.

Image via Jacob’s Food Diaries website

For more of Laleh’s incredible creations, check out her Instagram account here.

Cute character bento boxes

Another creative supermum, Tomomi Maruo from Japan, has mastered the intricate art of character bento boxes, also known as charaben (character + bento). Tomomi’s elaborately decorated rice balls end up as “kawaii” animals, Pokemon characters, Hello Kitty, pop stars, even the US President! It seems as though anything is possible for this artistic mother of two, who is now also sharing her tricks with other Japanese mums as well as running YouTube tutorials – you can visit her channel here.

Social video network, Great Big Story, featured Tomomi in a short video which gives you  an appreciation for the talent and patience clearly required to pursue this art form – take a look:

If I ever found myself with enough time and patience to create something as impressive as what these ladies plate up, I’m not sure I could watch it being eaten, especially by a messy toddler!


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