Donut worry, be happy

Sharing another book-inspired craft today: recycled CD donuts, inspired by Bob Staake‘s The Donut Chef


It’s hard not to be inspired by this deliciously colourful “battle of the bakers”, which is full of crazy donut flavours and Staake’s signature geometric, retro-style illustrations. While Staake is primarily an artist, his rhyming prowess is also second to none, and is demonstrated perfectly in this story.  I love how each verse flows so naturally and doesn’t detract from the clever tale nor the deeper message – that sometimes keeping it simple is best!

Sneak peek inside Staake’s The Donut Chef – Image via

CD donut craft

Start by painting the CDs what I like to call “toddler brown” – anyone who has given a palette of paints to a toddler will know what this is! Within minutes, they will have mixed up the perfect donut dough colour for you!


Once cooked… I mean, dry… add pink (paint) icing…


And finish off with (paper confetti) sprinkles…


Voilà! Donut judge me if I say they don’t look half bad!

Fun fact

The author of this fun and delectable tale also illustrated the most popular New Yorker cover of all time – “Reflection”, published 17 November 2008. Staake has enjoyed a truly successful career as an artist, authoring and/or illustrating more than 50 books and racking up an impressive client list for his commercial illustration and cartoon publications. Check out some of his New Yorker covers below.



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