Four creative bird crafts

“Bird” was one of my daughter’s first words and it seems the fascination still exists today. Here are our four favourite bird-inspired art projects:

Paper plate collage toucan

We made this crazy collage bird at the library a while ago and we still love him! He is mostly made from paper but has half a paper plate for his wing and the other half as his beak. Embellishments include cellophane, feathers, pom poms, curly ribbon offcuts, little coloured squares, and of course a sprinkling of glitter. For more detailed instructions (and for a more realistic toucan craft), check out this post by one of my favourite fellow crafting mums: Rachel from I Heart Craft Things.


HANDSome rainbow-tailed bird

Hand (and feet) printing is one of the first art activities we tried back in the early toddler days and it is still one of our favourite sensory art experiences. This bird’s wings are made from hand prints and some of his spots from thumb prints.


Paper plate cockatoo

This little guy was cobbled together from crafting scraps after a rare cleaning frenzy. We love a good paper plate craft so had lots of odd shaped bits – all we did was glue two pieces together before sticking on feathers, a beak and a stray googly eye.


Nature-inspired owls

At the beginning of Autumn, we were so excited to see all the trees changing colours, we spent some time gathering leaves and learning about the seasons before getting crafty with our finds. This wise guy has a tissue paper belly, wings of leaves, cupcakes wrapper feet and head, and milk bottle cap eyes.


For more details on these owl crafts and other Autumn-inspired art, check out my “Falling for Autumn” post.



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