Interview: Tai Snaith

You would be hard-pressed to find an artist with more creative energy than fellow Melbournian, Tai Snaith. It is a real privilege to introduce this inspiring, multi-talented and award-winning artist, curator, author, and mother of two, whose practice is often described as personal and experimental and spans such an impressive range of fields, materials and themes. From painting and ceramics to illustrating and publishing, Tai has her fingers in a number of artistic pies!  Continue reading “Interview: Tai Snaith”

Interview: Daria Solak

I am so excited to introduce one of the most unique and fun contemporary artists I have come across recently. Daria Solak is a young Polish illustrator, whose portfolio, collaborations, and fan base are beyond impressive, especially for someone only born in the nineties! There is so much to love about Daria’s quirky, colourful and smile-inducing artwork, but I particularly admire her ability to achieve that beautiful and rare balance between unaffected naivety and sophistication.  Continue reading “Interview: Daria Solak”

Watercolourists I’m loving

As someone who is notorious for poor decision-making, for my overuse of hyperbole, and for my fickle tendencies, it is always hard to come up with a list of favourites. However, there are a few talented watercolourists who I’ll always appreciate so I thought I’d share them. Given that watercolours lend themselves to a such a broad range of subjects and painting styles, I have selected four contemporary Australian artists, each representing a different artistic focus.  Continue reading “Watercolourists I’m loving”